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Teaching Sunday School

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Our Ward Mission Leader was sick so I taught Gospel Principles.  I was reviewing the second lesson so I could teach it and it talks about how we can all become Gods like our Heavenly Father.  I was really worried about bringing it up especially in front of investigators (because people have issues thinking about that and we don’t bring it up in detail in the missionary lessons).  So I was saying a prayer about what I should do, and that is when it hit me.  The thought came strongly in my mind that “I need to teach it because they need to learn it”  I immediately thought that maybe I should wait for someone else to teach it and the thought came into my mind that “this is church, this is sunday school, where else are they going to learn it?”  I knew that this was the Holy Ghost answering my prayers.  I went into it teaching it like the book has it and used the scriptures that are in it that went into ALOT of detail.  But everyone, even the ones who were there for the first time, were ok with it and they thought it was a great lesson.  It was an awesome experience

There is also a highlight for my week: Elder Voeks and I were on exchange in my area and we were having alot of our set appointments fall through all day long. We had one last appointment at 8 pm with a lady named M. M is a less-active member who hadn’t been to church in about 6 years. She had a near-death experience which led to her wanting to find the church again. She contacted a friend who is a member, and she called in through the referral numbers. The church sent us a message and we have been meeting with her for about 4 weeks. She is Fantastic! She has some major emotional issues, but everytime we go over there, we ALWAYS feel the spirit. She is so sincere about wanting to change her life that she will do anything to be active again. She has come every Sunday since we met her and is doing fantastic. We will leave her with a reading assignment and she will go above and beyond and read like 12 chapters. Well on saturday when Elder Voeks and I went over there, we asked if she read the Book of Enos that we left with her. She said yes…. and kind of hesitated. She said “and I also finished Mosiah, Alma, and Helaman and am halfway through 1st Nephi!” We were so blown away that we didn’t know what to say. She said that she had read Mosiah and Helaman all that day. She was so excited that she asked if we could get her a bible so that she can read the four gospels next. The spirit was so strong there. We had gone in wanting to talk about the Word of Wisdom, and i felt that we should switch it to talking about Testimonies. She had fasted during the week for her sick daughters, as well as she had already found D&C 89 and reads it every single day she loves it so much. That meeting with her was definitely redemption for a really slow day!


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words!!!!

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