New Area, New Companion

First off, lets talk about my health.  I talked to Sister Saylin today and she wanted me to relay this message to you….. I am feeling great!!!!  I still have a little bit of problem with lack of energy and with getting sick since my immune system is down, but I feel like I can handle those things now.  It feels like I have the strength to get things going and to get back to my old self.
So about my new area.  I am  now in the Rosenberg ward, which is close to the Memorial Ward when I served there.  It’s in the same stake as that ward so hopefully I’ll be able to see some people that I love in Memorial sometime soon.  Rosenberg is still kinda countryish, but there are SO MANY MORE PEOPLE THAN LAKE JACKSON!!! It is fantastic!  The ward is great and really functional, so that is good.  My companion…. I love him.  His name is Elder Piercy (pronounced peer-see) and we have freakishly alot in common.  His first name is the same as mine.  He has 1 brother who is the same age as Tyler who is the oldest and then two sisters who are the same ages of Nichole and Ashley and then he is the youngest and is only a few months older than me.We have alot of other things in common as well, we have just stopped being surprised at the fact that we are practically spiritual twins!  I am follow-up training him, just like I did with Elder Esplin.  He has been out one transfer and is 21 years old.  He has a really cool story.
We have a Thanksgiving dinner in this ward, I don’t know who they are, but it should be good.
Good news though, the prescriptions seem to be working!  He raised my dosages and started me on some other meds and I’m feeling alot better. Hopefully I’ll be all the way better soon!
We have alot of potential work going on.  We should have alot of people scheduled for baptism by the end of this week.  The whole mission is planning to have a “weekend in white” which is when on December 18th or 19th they want every companionship to baptize and so that we can have a “white christmas.”  I thought it was pretty cool.

Cool story:  So long story short, our appointments feel through last night, and  our apartment wasn’t too far away so we just went back there.  We live across the stree from the church and the Spanish Sisters borrowed our church keys because they needed them.  They were still at the church so we walked over to get them before they left.  When we got there we realized that they were having a baptism.  The spanish branch president asked if we could do them a favor.  They didn’t have any priesthood holders and needed witnesses as well they asked if either of us could play the piano.  I said yes, not realizing that the whole thing would be in Spanish.  So I played the piano for an entire spanish baptism that I didn’t know what they were saying, but what was cool is that I felt help from  Heavenly Father and I played it almost perfectly.  The people were so gracious and we ended up getting an english referral from one of the branch members.  It was really cool to see how everything layed out so nicely and we needed to be there at that baptism!


2 Responses to “New Area, New Companion”

  1. Pauline Mendenhall Says:

    Glad that you are having success and enjoying what you are doing. It is cold here but better than the heat of Houston. Pauline Mendenhall

  2. Lindey Misner Says:

    So glad to hear that your health has improved and you are feeling better. Also glad to hear that you will have a place to go for Thanksgiving. Don, Cozette, Jon and Cherish arrived last evening to spend Thanksgiving here. We are excited as this is the first time that Don & his family have been here for a holiday since we moved to Colorado in 1990. They were a bit delayed in travel by a blizzard that moved into Utah on Tuesday evening, but they arrived in Colorado safely. They will head back to Utah on Monday. We will all gather at Steven’s and Mershon’s today for dinner.

    Missionary work in our area continues to go strong; could have 120 baptisms in 2010 by the end of the year. Sacrament attendance is also rising in some Wards – you can really see the growth in this area. Our New Stake President is so spiritual. I see great things happening in this Stake over the coming years.

    The special session with Elder Russell M. Nelson on November 7th was great. You can feel you are in the presence of an Apostle of the Lord. Bettie also had the opportunity to met Elder Nelson after the meeting. We had nearly 1,500 people in the Stake Center, near capacity for the building. I tell you there is no feeling like sitting on the stand when that many people sing a hymn. The sound of that many voices comes right up on the stand and penetrates your soul. I glanced at Elder Nelson and another visiting Area Authority and you could tell they were feeling it too.

    I had an awesome spiritual experience this week. I have been suffering with knee pain since September and of late have had a really hard time walking. I was called to give a priesthood blessing for a member who was ill and initially was concerned that I would not be able to do it. I exercised my faith and asked our Heavenly Father to relieve the pain long enough for me to drive and walk to get to the residence. The pain subsided and I was able to perform the blessing for a sick member whose high fever broke that evening. I was really thankful for the opportunity to exercise the Priesthood in the service of others and even more grateful that our Heavenly Father allowed me to do it.

    As for the knee pain, I will be getting a total knee replacement on December 30th. I am looking forward to the day when I can walk again without pain or a limp and resume normal activities. I think the Stake President was even feeling guilty sending me on errands because I was limping so bad. I suppose this means after I get fixed and healthy
    again that he will keep me as Exec. Secretary for another 10 years.

    Keep up the great work and we pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to watch over you to keep you healthy and safe, and provide the discernment to lead you and your companion to those whose hearts are soft and ready to receive the truth of the Gospel.

    We pray for the missionaries everyday. We just had one return from the Ukraine on Tuesday evening.


    Lindey & Bettie.

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