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This week has been INCREDIBLE!

Posted in Memorial 2nd area on May 19, 2010 by Nichole (Blake's sister)

I don’t exactly know how to put everything into words.  This week has been INCREDIBLE!  I know I say that every week lately, but really it has.  Our area is truly out of control (a good out of control) and amazing things are happening.  This saturday is the beginning of our baptism marathon!  Pray that everything will go well.  This weeks baptism is for E. who is absolutely amazing.  He was truly someone who the Lord prepared for us to meet.  He really related to the Joseph Smith story and said that he wanted to know which church was true and where he could find it.  He was ostracized by his family a few years back because he didn’t agree with what the pastor was saying with some things regarding the sabbath day.  The pastor said that keeping the sabbath day is only for the Jews and them being the gentiles did not have to worry about it.  E is very fluent with the bible and knew that is not what it teaches.  He told his family that the pastor was wrong and the entire church through him off the property that he lived on and his family disowned him.  He has been in Houston ever since.  He always believed that there should be a prophet on the Earth today but didn’t know where to find one.  He was soooo excited when we told him that there was one.  His selling point however (not that we sell things haha) was when we told him that you must be called of God to have that Authority and that we can trace our line of authority back to Jesus Christ himself and it is not from religious schools or lots of money.  He can’t wait to be baptized and receive the priesthood.  He is as solid as a rock.  He truly is a prime example of a “golden Investigator.”
Last night, we got our investigators E. and also G. to go to the Investigator Fireside.  G. has been prepared as well.  She spends all day everyday studying out of the scriptures, church magazines, church websites and every time we teach she takes notes and usually has 2 pages of questions to ask us of things that she has learned.  She has been so excited to learn and go to church.  She loves church!  We have invited her to be baptized several times, but she will not accept.  She says that she has faith in God but maybe not so much faith in herself.  She was raised in Peru and is a member of the Catholic church.  She told us that she has doubts but that she is working on them.  We were hoping that the investigator fireside would help her overcome her doubts.  It is almost like Heavenly Father meant for her to be there.  All three of the speakers are former Catholics and the last one spent 30 minutes talking about how he was raised Irish catholic and how he knew that the Catholic Church was the only one  to be true.  He told his conversion and it was awesome.  after the meeting I looked over at G., to whom I was sitting next to, and asked her what she thought.  She looked at me with this smile and with teary eyes and this look like “you know what I’m thinking and you knew that this was what I needed to hear and this is like you missionaries secret weapon or something” look. She told me that she liked it a lot and it caused her to think more about it (because the day before we had invited her again to be baptized).  She told our Ward Mission Leader while I was talking to Sister Saylin that she has received her answer, but she is fighting it.  She knows the truth and with a little time she will be baptized.  I know that for a fact.  The investigator fireside was so powerful once again and I am so grateful for that spirit that touched her.