Merry Christmas (12/20/2010)

Things are going great.  We sure do have lots of fun plans for the holidays!  I can’t wait to be able to talk to you and the family.  I am excited to talk to everyone and see how they are doing.  It does seem like it was just yesterday that we talked…. time is flying by so fast. Less then 6 months till I will be home.
We had a great weekend in white.  We were able to baptize brother Jesse.  He is so cool.  He was staunch in his beliefs about baptism and did not feel that he needed to be baptized again.  We were able to get him to pray for himself sincerely one night while we were there, and ever since then, his feelings slowly changed and he knew that he needed to be baptized.  He is a little lonely old man and I think he thinks of us as his children.  He is going to be a great asset to the kingdom of God!!!
The weather in Texas has been normal…. which means completely unpredictable.  It’ll be really nice (like it is today) in like the 70’s, but then it will turn bitter cold and make you feel like you want to die because of the humidity.  But I stay wrapped up and want to continue stay warm….. I don’t like the cold haha.
I’m loving the advent calendar by the way.
I’ve got like 5 christmas dinners, so you don’t have to worry about me.  Who knows, maybe i’ll actually gain a pound or two…. haha I doubt it.  Well I love y’all so much.  Be sure to tell everyone I wish them a merry christmas and that I can’t wait to see them soon.  Tell them thank you for the support that they give me! Love you!
Love Blake
P.S. let me know what you hear from my friends over the holidays.  Thanks!

One Response to “Merry Christmas (12/20/2010)”

  1. Lindey Misner Says:

    Happy Holidays Blake!

    Enjoyed reading your last update – and oh by the way thank you for the Christmas Card.

    Bettie, Steven, Jodie and I had the opportunity to see the Advent Calendar during our most recent stay at Hotel Mills; the calendar was very creative and looked like a lot of fun.

    As we approach Christmas in Colorado Springs all I can say is the weather is very unseasonable. I think it was almost 60 degrees yesterday. I am surprised I did not see lots of lawn sprinklers going as it is very brown here, unlike the green we saw in Utah earlier this month. Then again Colorado Springs does not have inversions like the great Salt Lake Valley.

    This year Bettie and I will spend Christmas Eve with Steven, Mershon and the kids. Steven finished his basement so he has five bedrooms, a big family room with entertainment center, air hockey table, etc. – plenty of room. Bettie and I will spend the night so we can be there when the kids wake up in the morning. Actually, how much you want to bet that grandpa will be the first person up waiting for others to roll out of bed.

    Sounds like you will be busy during Christmas; that’s good. Hard to believe that next year you will be home for Christmas. I am sure everybody looks forward to that.

    We always pray that the Lord will look out for the missionaries – and we know that he does. Just like President Monson wrote in the January 2011 Ensign – “The Lord Needs Missionaries.” Bettie and I often talk about going on a mission when I finally retire. I guess we would fall in Pres. Monson’s “more mature” (a gentler word for old people) category. Bettie loves genealogy so serving a mission related to that would be fun. I have a thing or two, or three, or four to learn about genealogy. Since I am the only person in my family who is a member of the church we have been focusing over the past 13 years on doing the work for my dad, mom, grandmother, grandfather and many other aunts and uncles who have already graduated from mortality.

    Bettie and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We pray that the work continues to go well as you enter the home stretch of your mission. You are in our thoughts and prayers always and we wish you continued good health and strength.

    May the Lord watch over and continue to bless you.

    Lindey and Bettie.

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