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Hurricane watch and preparedness

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2010 by Nichole (Blake's sister)

You don’t have to worry about me and hurricanes.  The people down here think that we are going to see hurricanes this year, and even if we do have comfort.  Because we are so close to the coast, we will be the first ones evacuated.  They have an entire procedure that we do and it is my responsibility as district leader to make sure that we are all prepared.  So you know me, especially on how I seem to pack my whole room when I would go on vacations, our district is super prepared just incase things happen.  haha.  It will pretty interesting though to be able to see the humanitarian efforts take place of the church, and see the wonderful blessings of service happen.  I was looking through our teaching records and the elders were able to pick up and teach quite a few people that they helped during hurricane clean-up.  Don’t worry about us though, we’ll be fine.  President and Sister Saylin as well as church headquarters are watching the hurricanes and we will be evacuated and taken care of.  Anyways enough about that.  I’m doing well.  I’ve actually been a little under the weather this week as well.  It seems that ever since I got really sick back in October with my stomach, I can’t seem to get my energy back.  The medical people think that it’s probably because when I got sick my immunities were shot and so that’s why I continue to get sick now and have low amounts of energy.  They have me taking some supplements to help me build up my immunities again, but i’m doing fine for the most part.

How is everyone else doing?
Tell father that I would love a food package.  I’m doing fine on food but the last package was really cool.  If he can.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of money from my own account trying to make sure I have everything I need for emergencies as well as balancing out using that and my missionary fund.   I’ll be better about spending money… haha I needed to make sure I had reserve funds in cash and stuff just in case.  Thank you.
My new companion is Elder Esplin, and he is great.  He is very green but very nice.   He grew up on a dairy farm in a town of 300 people and so has never experienced city living.  He thinks that Lake Jackson (a town of 3,000 people) is huge and terrifying, I told him to wait until he gets to Houston where he is in the 4th biggest city in the nation.  Everyone down here loves him for his quirky personality.  He seems to compare everything to cows, because that is all he knows. haha  He cracks me up. I am finding a lot of joy out of teaching him many things.  This has definitely opened up my eyes and I think I might pursue a degree in teaching high school when I get home and then maybe go on to law school…. we will see.  I love teaching and helping out people. Being here at this time is a really cool and really humbling experience.  Like my patriarchal blessing states:  Because of who I am and who I was in the pre-mortal life, I have been richly blessed of being born into very favorable circumstances.  I am continuing to gain a testimony of that this is where i need to be.

i’m running out of time.  Thank you for everything.  I love you all!  Love Blake


Happy Hump Day (June 21, 2010 letter)

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2010 by Nichole (Blake's sister)
(For Blake’s one year mark we went and got pictures from his friends and family holding a Happy Hump Day sign, that is what he is referring to in this email.)

So, I absolutely loved the package that y’all sent me.  It was fantastic!  I found the picture book and found the loose pictures in it so I started from the back and looked at all of the pictures from the house first and then to mothers day and things like that.  Then after I passed all of those, I got to the happy hump day pictures…. I wasn’t even expecting that!  I wanted to cry (a good cry, not a trunkie cry).  It was really cool and thoughtful.
I miss those people lots and lots, but I know that if it wasn’t for each and every one of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I loved the pictures of Sister Pofelski and also Elder Wilson and Liz and Ashley.  That was really cool.  It was awesome to see Debbie send pictures all the way from China! Also, Molly and Hannah at college as well as Jessica and then all of the people from work.  The archuleta’s and McVey’s,   Nate and Sara.  Oh and when was the 4th manning boy born?  I don’t remember that if you told me.  What is his name again?  Nat looks really good the girls are getting soooo big, I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe  how much the world changes around you in such little time.  How are all of the cousins doing?  Make sure you tell them all that I love them and am thinking of them.
Tell everyone from the ward I said thank you for the wonderful card.  I loved it!  I love that ward so much.
Tell Dad I love him so much and appreciate him and I hope he had a wonderful Father’s day.
So that’s about it for now.  I love you so much and am so grateful for a wonderful family that loves and supports me with what I am doing.  Unfortunately, not every missionary gets that, but my family is the best in the world so of course they can’t compete with y’all!  Keep it up!  Stay righteous!
I love y’all!
Elder Blake

“Hump” Day!!! (1 year)

Posted in Lake Jackson on June 15, 2010 by Nichole (Blake's sister)
I can’t believe it has been a year!!! That is so crazy!  It seems like just yesterday that I was in the MTC!  I can’t believe it, and now I am in leadership and training someone who just came from the MTC!  That is so insane.  I’ll be home before y’all even know it!! and with a nice country accent too, haha!  I can’t wait to see what happens in this year.
Lake Jackson is great, I still miss Memorial, but that is only because I felt like I became part of the family there.  I only actually cover very little of the city of Lake Jackson, most of my area (which is over a third of the entire county) is country towns with not many people in it.  It is alot of fun driving on these country roads though compared to the city.  The apartment I live in actually isn’t too bad, on the outside it looks dumpy, but the inside is nice.
Really cool experience, this guy just came up to me right now while i’m writing you and asked if I covered sweeny, and I said yes, and He said that he is a member but hasn’t been to church in a long time, but he is going through a hard time and wants to come back.  He is talking to my companion right now.  So cool.  Wow.
The ward is getting along well with me, and we are getting some success.  It will still be a long time until we get the area where it needs to be, but things are starting to pick up.

I get another niece tomorrow!  That is so cool!

I baked a cake this morning! haha I thought of coley, tell her I said that.
That is so cool that Dad was able to get Grandpa Jack’s work done, and that Coley was able to go with.  I love the temple so much so I can’t wait to go again.

I love y’all so much and I can’t wait to talk to y’all soon.  I’ll be sending pictures soon as well.

Love Blake

Lake Jackson, Texas

Posted in TX on June 7, 2010 by Nichole (Blake's sister)
Things are going well down here in Texas!!!  The transfers went well, I am now serving in the Lake Jackson Ward in Lake Jackson, Texas.  Two words= Country living!  Wow is it country out here.  This is truly what I imagined when I thought of texas haha.  It’s a cool area though.  I am about 10 miles away from the gulf coast, so it is pretty hot and humid.  My area is ginormous!!!!  I cover about 6 little towns that takes about 2 hours to get to some of them!  It is crazy.  My companion is Elder Esplin.  He is from Nahalem, Oregon which is a small town 2 hours west of Portland on the coast.   He has only been out for 6 weeks, so I am his follow-up trainer.  There is not much going on at all down here, but I was called down here so that I could get things going with the district in both this ward and the brazosport ward.  Currently we have an investigator pool of 0, so pray that we will be able to find new people to teach.  Unfortunately, this district has been home to some not so obedient missionaries in the past.  So, the trust of the members is not quite there, but we’ve already had alot of success in meeting with them and starting to build that relationship and trust.  I know that by the end of this transfer, great things will be happening!  I have that faith!
Hurricane season officially started June 1st.  They are saying that the gulf is already hotter then it is usually so they expect 3 times the number of hurricanes this year than last year. Luckily none of the hurricanes hit land last year so pray that that will happen again.  DO NOT WORRY THOUGH, I will be the first one evacuated because I am so close to the coast, the church and President Saylin will take care of me.  I’m not worried so you don’t be worried either.

I am loving it so much out here.  I can’t wait to see what happens here in this area and what the Lord can do with it through my actions.  I love the gospel soooo much, and especially the scriptures.  My scriptures look like a rainbow from my color coding…. haha, I love them so much though.  I can’t wait to get back home and share with you what I learned.  Lift and encourage the family to stay strong in the gospel because I can’t even imagine what life will be like on the alternate side! I look forward to the emails and letters every single week.

Love Blake