I can’t believe I only have 12 weeks left!!!! (03/21/11)

To start off before I forget, we are moving mission offices and I need you to take down the new address.  This new address will only be effective after this friday, March 25th. Will you be sure to post it so everyone has the new address.
This is the new mission office address (where you can send stuff):
Texas Houston South Mission
Attn: Elder Blake Mills
602 Eldridge Rd.
Sugarland, TX 77478
They are moving into one of the local church buildings so that they can save money.  They have asked me to come and help with the organizing of all of the supplies and packing, because they know I’m good at that kind of stuff.  I spent 6 hours on Saturday at the new office with another missionary from my district stocking and organizing the supply room.  We had to set up the shelves based on language and supplies….. it was actually a lot of fun.  The assistants actually called me again this morning and asked if I would be willing to go again tomorrow and help organize things.  I think they are realizing that my dream job is to have an office job some day, so they trust me with doing that stuff haha jk.  Elder Peterson is one of the assistants and he was my companion, so he knows how much of a freak for office supplies I am.
Ok, so now the interesting stuff.  I am getting transferred.  This will most likely be the last area I am in and I am praying and hoping that I go back into the city where there are millions of people…. haha I love it there.  Elder Panike is staying here.  I can’t believe I only have 12 weeks left!!!! AAAHHH.  One of the missionaries in my district, Elder Birch, is going home tomorrow.  I will miss him.  He is a big teddy bear.  He is extremely shy and still a little timid, but he is awesome.  We have really grown close since I have been in the same district as him for the past 3 transfers.

I’ll get the address to my new apartment next week and let you know what area i’m in.  Keep me in your prayers!

Love you so much!

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