Miracles are happening once again

We had a lady walk into sacrament meeting who had attended one of  the Sugar Land wards with her Boss about 6 or 7 times.  She had to leave directly after sacrament, but she left her number with the lady that was sitting next to her and told her that she was very eager to have the missionaries contact her.  This could be our next potential baptism!  Pray that everything will go well.
next week:
I loved the mission conference.  We are going to have a great opportunity to put the trainings to the test today.  The lady that I told you about that came to  sacrament and asked for us, well we’ve gotten in contact and she is very excited and wants to go to the temple.  Her Boss is a member and took her to a sugar land ward about 7 times and she is finally ready to start the missionary lessons.  This has given me a great opportunity to prepare for this lesson and have great things happen.  This lady, is a generational Catholic, but has seen the faults in that church, but has also seen that there is something different about Mormon’s and everyone else.  Her boss is coming, who is also a less-active member trying to come back into activity, and we arranged for a member of our ward who is also a ward-missionary to come and sit-in as well.  Sis. G was studying to become a deacon in the catholic church, which is the highest position a female can hold, when she saw the corruptness and the changing doctrine, so she left it completely and later found our church and the fullness of the doctrine.  It should be a great lesson!  I’m very excited.

In weeks past:

02/07/2011 letter
It has been crazy cold down here.  It got down into the teens and it froze.  Houston does not have any of the cold weather equipment like Utah does, so they shut down all major roads going everywhere.  I guess there was like over 800 wrecks just on Friday around the city.  It was nasty out.  The mission banned us from using our vehicles on thursday and friday, so we weren’t out in the midst of all that stuff.  Our stairs leading from our apartment was like an ice sheet  and nobody stocks up on ice melt down here so it was really bad.  We had rolling blackouts all over the city.  It was really really cold, I wore about 5 layers, haha.  But it is bright and sunny out now, leave it to houston to have completely unpredictable weather.  Anywho, I’m glad that stuff is over now, I don’t like the cold at all! haha
I’m staying in Rosenberg!  Elder Piercy is leaving and I will be getting another Elder to take his spot.
02/14/2011 letter
I am now with Elder Aaron Panike (sounds like Panic-ee) who is from Middleton, Idaho.  He has been out on his mission about 6 months.
My Official release date is Tuesday, June 14th.  I have just under 4 months left.  AAHHHH.    I can’t wait to talk to all of my old comps again. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I can’t believe I’m 21!
In the pictures: On the day before my birthday, I shot off my confetti blasters with Elder Birch and Jesus Avila.    Now I get to be in the same district as Elder Birch.  He’s like a big teddy bear.  He goes home this transfer.  Sad Day.

Elder Piercy, myself, and Bro. David Aaron at his house the night before elder piercy left.  Also a picture of his family.  His bongo drums make really cool sounds.  haha it was fun.

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