Things are going well in Rosenberg! (12/06/2010)

We are being blessed immensely.  A big focus of the week was to work with Richmond (the other missionaries in my district) to try and find someone for them to baptize on the weekend in white (December 18th and 19th where the entire mission wants every companionship to baptize that day).  We went on a couple of exchanges and even “blitzed” (3 companionship’s working 1 area) the area with the Zone Leaders for a couple of hours.  They are really struggling, but I told them last night to make sure that whatever they do, whether it be OYMing or teaching or anything, make sure they are purpose driven.  I told them to practice in their comp study a purpose driven OYM, so that every return appointment that they get the people understand why they need to listen to the missionaries.  Hopefully they will see some return appointments not fall through and see some more success. We are so grateful for the blessings that we have been receiving in Rosenberg, though.  Elder Piercy and I have been exercising our faith so much and have been seeking miracles from Heavenly Father.  He always keeps his end.  On Saturday, we were trying to contact some referrals and were a little worried about the quality of our investigators for the weekend in white, but we still were praying non-stop and trusting in the Lord.  We were about to leave the complex because the investigator had given the missionaries the wrong address, when we received a media referral.  It is for a lady named Samantha.  She is from Colorado and just moved to Texas about 3 weeks ago.  She had been meeting with the missionaries their and had been to church a couple of times.  She went on to and requested the missionaries.  She loved the site by the way.  When we got the message I immediately called her, and she was so excited to speak to us.  We asked if we could set up a time to come by and she said “today!” so we set a time for later that evening and she called us back a little bit later asking for us to come sooner because she was so excited and that her roomate wants to learn as well.  We stopped by and realized quickly that she had truly been prepared by the Lord.  We asked her about what the missionaries had taught her and she said “The Great Apostasy” (of all things to remember) and she had said how she was baptized by her grandfather and her dad was a pastor, but she knows that she needs to be baptized by proper authority.  We extended a date and she is preparing to be baptized on the weekend in white.  The Lord truly did answer our prayers of faith and will always if we are obedient.  Not to forget that we were blessed with 6 people at church.  Things are going well in Rosenberg!


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