I love this job!

I’m so excited!  I feel like this week was a huge faith builder for me.  I saw the Lord pour out his blessings upon us in so many ways I can’t even explain it.  We are finding people to teach, our teaching skills are improving, and in result we are baptizing more and more each month.  We are so blessed.  This ward last year had only 1 convert baptism and thus far this year we have had 9!!! 7 of which is while Elder Esplin and I have been together!  Missionaries use to say that this was a dead area….. but I think we have proved them wrong there!  I love it!
The baptism yesterday was absolutely amazing!  It was definitely a spiritual highlight of my mission.  There were 112 people in attendance, which President Whipple told me that that was more than any congregation count at church yesterday!  We had over 30 non-members there and have gotten some potential investigators out of it.  Elder Esplin and I taught the restoration while Bro. H was getting dressed and the spirit was so strong.  The speakers were President W and President B and it was fantastic.  Brother H’s girls sang a special musical number “love is spoken here” from the children’s songbook and they could barely get through it because they were so emotional.  The closing hymn was “families can be together forever” and I looked down at the family and all were crying along with most of the congregation.  Bishop M stood up and said that as that family walked in a little late to sacrament meeting earlier that day, he had a divine look at the H’s and saw them as Heavenly father sees them, dressed in all white and on their way to the temple.  It was an amazing experience!  I ended the night talking to the Zone Leaders and couldn’t even describe the feelings that I had.  It was truly an amazing day, an amazing week and an amazing mission experience to share!  I love this job!


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