This week has been an AMAZING week!

This is a passage from Blake’s email that he sent to his mission president today!

The highlight of the week is BROTHER “H” IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!!!! I am so excited!!!   He had his baptismal interview this morning and everything is good to go!  He is actually doing it!!! After 12 years of investigating he is finally taking that step to make his family one step closer to being sealed in the temple.  You know what the cool thing is though, is that this path of him really progressing started on the night of the first day of the last leadership meeting.  We went in and applied the trainings of the simplified curriculum and here we are today…. now getting ready to baptize him.  Once again it shows that these trainings were of God!  Another cool thing is that I decided to dedicate my own personal fast this past Sunday to Brother “H” and his boys getting baptized in the month of September.  I told Elder Esplin afterwards what I was fasting for and he was kinda like “Ok, lets hope it works” in Elder Esplin’s cheerful but hesitant attitude.  After I exchanged back with him last night he told me that he now has a strengthened testimony of fasting and prayer after experiencing what he did with Brother “H”.  He saw the importance of faith in our work and what can happen when we have it.  It was awesome!

I have to admit, because of previous experiences of proselyting on holidays, I was not looking forward to doing so this week.  However, we read what you had to say in your president’s notes and I decided I needed to repent and have faith from what the General Authorities have said in the white handbook.  We were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I was in Wharton with Elder Sharp.  It started off as a slow day but things picked up so quickly.  I was able to get my OYM’s and then some so that I could start off the week with a head start and not get behind.  We were able to talk to many people and get several return appointments for the Wharton Elders.  We went and saw a man who was a potential that they had tried before and could never reach him so they decided that they didn’t want to try anymore, but we tried one last time and he was there and we taught and he now has a baptismal date for October 3rd!!!  It was fantastic.  We ended up rounding up the night with 5 lessons, our oyms, and a great attitude and a renewed testimony of putting our faith in the Lord! On the Lake Jackson end, Elder Esplin was also able to have a fantastic day with Elder Carol where they also got another baptismal date for us on the very last house that they knocked for the night.  Plus they had the miracle occur with Brother “H” yesterday. It was a fantastic Holiday!
I love y’all so much!  Keep the work in your prayers!  Tell all that I love them!

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