Things are going really well here in Lake Jackson!

Things are going really well here in Lake Jackson!  Transfer calls are two weeks from today!  I can’t believe it!  We still have some great things happening though.  We have another baptism on the 21st for C.P.  He’s been doing fantastic.  We’ve really been able to see great things happen.

This week has been a rough week though with my health.  It started last Tuesday and has been really bad ever since.  I went and saw a dr. that is also a member and former stake president.  He thinks that I may have H-pylori.    He said that it is commonly linked with something called peptic ulcer syndrom.  We’re waiting for the lab results now.  For the first time though since i’ve been in the mission, i’ve felt like Dr. Cannon is really getting close to solving my stomach issues, or at least diagnosing it…. haha.  Sister Saylin and Sister Olsen (the medical adviser) is really taking care of me.  I’ve been talking with them almost every day.  So don’t worry, i’m in good hands.
Time is flying by super fast.  I can’t believe it!  I say that every week but it is true.  After this transfer, I only have 7 more transfers then i’ll be home.  crazy….
I’m so excited for bakini (zucchini) bread and salsa and jam that you guys have made….. that’s all I can say about that.
I got pictures that Taiden and Jaxsen drew.  They were so cute!  1 of them that taiden drew was of you and me riding on a boat through a dinosaur museum.  It was really cute.  Jaxsen’s writing is fantastic!  He’s a good little artist as well.  I can’t believe how big he’s getting!
We have our president’s interviews tomorrow so I’m really excited for that, I always look forward to my one one one time with President Saylin.  He and his family are amazing!  I know that I needed to be moved to this mission so that I can be here with them, and that they can help me through all the things I need help with.  They have really helped me grow and become a better missionary!  I’m baptizing every month because of them and what they have taught me!  It’s fantastic!
Well I better run, don’t worry about my health.  My Patriarchial blessing says that I will have the physical health necessary to live up to the callings that I receive, including being a missionary.  I’m in good hands…. the Lord’s hands.  Well I love you so much, tell everyone that I love them!  Love you so much!
Love Blake

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