Things really are popping here in Lake Jackson

We were able to finally get the “R” kids baptized!!!! It was an awesome experience!  Really spiritual.  After so many attempts, it finally went through.  President “W” (the stake president and someone that the “R’s” lived with for quite a while) paid us a huge compliment.  He told us that he was very pleased with the work we did with them and told us that he knew that it needed to be us two who taught that family.  He then turned to Elder Esplin and said that he especially was needed to help the dad  feel comfortable.  It made Elder Esplin feel really special, so it was good.  They are both so much alike that it was good for them.  We’ve built a great relationship with the family and the parents are starting to grow stronger and stronger in their faith.  “C”, who has been a member all his life but never really gained a testimony, would not stop telling us thank you.  Even though he would never admit it, I know he was truly so happy that the kids did this.  It was a really special weekend.
Update on the “H” family.  Brother “H” has been in training for work in a different state and is only home on the weekends, but they have been reading and praying as a family while he has been gone and he has been making it a priority to come to church even though he is home for short periods of time.  He accepted a baptismal invitation (which he would not even do in the past) and we are going to try and set a date this week when he returns home.
Things really are popping here in Lake Jackson.  We were able to obtain another baptismal date last night with a family that in the past has wanted no contact from the church.  The dad still is not interested but the Mom grew up an active member in South Africa.  When they moved here 13 years ago they stopped going.  The son was 6 at the time and never got baptized and really had no interaction with the church.  Now, he is 19 and has accepted to be baptized on August 21st!  He’s already come to church twice and is excited!  Hopefully a future missionary!  His name is “C”.  It was one of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever had.  We were able to implement ALL of the new simplified curriculum trainings and we saw AMAZING things happen.  It was so cool.  We even had the lesson in a members home.  Afterwards, the member gave us a call and told us that he has never seen a companionship of missionaries teach that well and give such strong commitments as we did in that lesson ever since his mission.  I know the trainings are inspired and if we will just apply them, we will see the blessings of heaven poor down upon us.


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