Lake Jackson (07/12/10 letter)

Things are great down here in Texas.   The work is really starting to pick up here in Lake Jackson.  We have two part-member families that have been meeting with missionaries for years!  One of them the husband has been investigating for like 7 years but has been acquainted to the church for like 15 years.  Anywho, both of these families are going to be baptized, one at the end of the month and the other sometime soon.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m excited to see what happens.  We’re still working on building up the rest of the area…. we’re on our way.
So I forgot to give you a warning, but transfers are today!  Good thing i’m not getting transferred!  This past transfer flew by really fast with all of the holidays and stuff.  Elder Esplin and I are going to be staying together another one.  We have been getting member referrals like crazy and the rest of the missionaries in the zone are looking to us as an example of how we are working so well with the ward… the big thing is getting them to trust us.  Unfortunately, there have been disobedient missionaries here in the past so it’s taken some effort but we’re doing great.
So I only have 8 more transfers left and this week I will hit my 13 month mark….. crazy.  I can’t believe it.  I’m already starting to see things fly by really fast now that I’m on the downhill slope.
Well that’s about it for now.  Love you lots!



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