Favorable Circumstances(07/06/10 letter)

I am doing just fine.  We did get some of the side-effects of the hurricane.  We got hit with some pretty intense rain storms that caused some flooding in my area (not near my house, but remember my area is half of an entire county) but we were safe and the worst is supposed to be over.  We may still get some more rain, but we’re used to that anyways.
I can’t believe that the next 4th of July I’ll be home for!  That makes me excited, because the 4th was always my favorite holiday.  We had a pretty good one ourselves.  We went to church on Sunday and then we went over to some members houses.  We were able to see some members and also see some fireworks that night from our apartment.  We’re right next to the mall where they light them off at and we just opened our windows and watched them perfectly while still obeying the rules.  It was fantastic!  Most of the celebration happened on Monday.  We took part of our P-day and then we were invited over to the Stake President’s house for a BBQ with one of our recent converts and his boys.  We had a good time and I still got alot done.  It was a good fourth of July.
That’s awesome that you saw the missionaries at the park!  You ought to try and find them and have them over for dinner some time.  I think that would be pretty cool.
Yesterday, during the day it was about 96 degrees with very little humidity.  It reminded me of how home is right around this time.  It was fantastic!  I felt like it was 70 degrees without the humidity.  But then, the humidity came back and it was pretty warm… haha.
I loved the pictures of the house.  Thanks for sending them to me.   I can’t wait to see it for myself either.
I’m glad that everyone was able to come over for dinner and fireworks.
That’s so crazy that Curtis Webb is leaving as well.  I can’t believe it.  I’m going to come home to a completely new Young Men’s group!  That’s crazy!  He’ll be a good missionary.  It was insane seeing that the kids who were just getting into high school when I was home are now graduated.  I can’t believe it.  Life flies by.  I got a letter from Austin’s grandma, haha.  She constantly writes me and she reminded me of when we went there a year ago and played with all of the frogs on her table.  It was really cool.  She’s a wonderful lady and always signs her letter, Grandma!
I teach Sunday school and sometimes priesthood every week.  Our ward is a little disfuntional and some of the ward leaders don’t come as often as they should, so I’m the permanent filler.  haha.  I love the topic of Adversity.  I have seen that what my patriarchial blessing says is true.  You can look for examples in the scriptures:  Moses and the children lived in what they thought were terrible circumstances but in the end Moses was translated and the faithful children of israel inherited the celestial kingdom… I’ll take those circumstances if I get that as a reward.  There is also many prophets and faithful members that lived in captivity almost their whole lives in the Book of Ether, but they stood strong and will inherit God’s kingdom because of their beliefs.  Take the Prophet Joseph Smith for example.  Not exactly a walk in the park, but he would not deny any claim as to what he had seen in order to have life a little easier.  He ended up paying the ultimate price and was martyred because of it…. but it was all worth it.  My blessing says that I was born into very favorable circumstances and because of that I get to really enjoy the blessings of the gospel and can focus solely on helping others inherit that kingdom even though they may have put themselves into “captivity” or in tough circumstances.  I love it.
Well our work is going fantastic.  We are building up the area and good things are happening.  I’ll keep you informed of other stuff that happens.    Well tell everyone that I love them and I miss them!  Keep up the good work and stay faithful!
Love You

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