Hurricane watch and preparedness

You don’t have to worry about me and hurricanes.  The people down here think that we are going to see hurricanes this year, and even if we do have comfort.  Because we are so close to the coast, we will be the first ones evacuated.  They have an entire procedure that we do and it is my responsibility as district leader to make sure that we are all prepared.  So you know me, especially on how I seem to pack my whole room when I would go on vacations, our district is super prepared just incase things happen.  haha.  It will pretty interesting though to be able to see the humanitarian efforts take place of the church, and see the wonderful blessings of service happen.  I was looking through our teaching records and the elders were able to pick up and teach quite a few people that they helped during hurricane clean-up.  Don’t worry about us though, we’ll be fine.  President and Sister Saylin as well as church headquarters are watching the hurricanes and we will be evacuated and taken care of.  Anyways enough about that.  I’m doing well.  I’ve actually been a little under the weather this week as well.  It seems that ever since I got really sick back in October with my stomach, I can’t seem to get my energy back.  The medical people think that it’s probably because when I got sick my immunities were shot and so that’s why I continue to get sick now and have low amounts of energy.  They have me taking some supplements to help me build up my immunities again, but i’m doing fine for the most part.

How is everyone else doing?
Tell father that I would love a food package.  I’m doing fine on food but the last package was really cool.  If he can.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of money from my own account trying to make sure I have everything I need for emergencies as well as balancing out using that and my missionary fund.   I’ll be better about spending money… haha I needed to make sure I had reserve funds in cash and stuff just in case.  Thank you.
My new companion is Elder Esplin, and he is great.  He is very green but very nice.   He grew up on a dairy farm in a town of 300 people and so has never experienced city living.  He thinks that Lake Jackson (a town of 3,000 people) is huge and terrifying, I told him to wait until he gets to Houston where he is in the 4th biggest city in the nation.  Everyone down here loves him for his quirky personality.  He seems to compare everything to cows, because that is all he knows. haha  He cracks me up. I am finding a lot of joy out of teaching him many things.  This has definitely opened up my eyes and I think I might pursue a degree in teaching high school when I get home and then maybe go on to law school…. we will see.  I love teaching and helping out people. Being here at this time is a really cool and really humbling experience.  Like my patriarchal blessing states:  Because of who I am and who I was in the pre-mortal life, I have been richly blessed of being born into very favorable circumstances.  I am continuing to gain a testimony of that this is where i need to be.

i’m running out of time.  Thank you for everything.  I love you all!  Love Blake


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    Well, the Westbroek’s weren’t included in the Hump Day message, but we send it anyway. Can’t believe it’s been a year. We also have a new addition to our family. Kami had a baby boy on June 15, his name is Cache Steven. We will be blessing him on Sunday. The family all sends their best wished to you Blakey. I sure hope you are getting these messages I have been writing. All our Love, Steve and Linda

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