Lake Jackson, Texas

Things are going well down here in Texas!!!  The transfers went well, I am now serving in the Lake Jackson Ward in Lake Jackson, Texas.  Two words= Country living!  Wow is it country out here.  This is truly what I imagined when I thought of texas haha.  It’s a cool area though.  I am about 10 miles away from the gulf coast, so it is pretty hot and humid.  My area is ginormous!!!!  I cover about 6 little towns that takes about 2 hours to get to some of them!  It is crazy.  My companion is Elder Esplin.  He is from Nahalem, Oregon which is a small town 2 hours west of Portland on the coast.   He has only been out for 6 weeks, so I am his follow-up trainer.  There is not much going on at all down here, but I was called down here so that I could get things going with the district in both this ward and the brazosport ward.  Currently we have an investigator pool of 0, so pray that we will be able to find new people to teach.  Unfortunately, this district has been home to some not so obedient missionaries in the past.  So, the trust of the members is not quite there, but we’ve already had alot of success in meeting with them and starting to build that relationship and trust.  I know that by the end of this transfer, great things will be happening!  I have that faith!
Hurricane season officially started June 1st.  They are saying that the gulf is already hotter then it is usually so they expect 3 times the number of hurricanes this year than last year. Luckily none of the hurricanes hit land last year so pray that that will happen again.  DO NOT WORRY THOUGH, I will be the first one evacuated because I am so close to the coast, the church and President Saylin will take care of me.  I’m not worried so you don’t be worried either.

I am loving it so much out here.  I can’t wait to see what happens here in this area and what the Lord can do with it through my actions.  I love the gospel soooo much, and especially the scriptures.  My scriptures look like a rainbow from my color coding…. haha, I love them so much though.  I can’t wait to get back home and share with you what I learned.  Lift and encourage the family to stay strong in the gospel because I can’t even imagine what life will be like on the alternate side! I look forward to the emails and letters every single week.

Love Blake

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