The spirit in our teaching is essential!

We had an incredible experience at the investigator fireside.  One of my recent converts, Ashley Mendiola, spoke and did an incredible job.  We had an investigator there named “R”.  Her and her husband have accepted to be baptized and are so excited.  They have seen a huge difference in their lives since they have been meeting with us and have even gotten the desire to pray more on their own.  They feel that they are receiving an answer to their prayers.  We Went to the fireside with her and she loved it.  While the ex-baptist minister was speaking about how he came to know the truth in his life, we looked over and ‘R’ was crying.  Afterwords, we were talking to her and asked her what she thought.  She told us that this has been an answer to her prayers and that she is going to do exactly as brother Hosea did and spend that time on her knees.  She then said, however, “I know it’s true.” She was so happy and looked as a new breath of life was in her.  I think for the first time either in her life or at least for a really long time, she recognized that God is directing her life.  It was great.
Elder Wilson and I are really seeing the importance of teaching by the spirit, especially using the teaching skills that we went over in the last zone conference.  This past week, for example, while we were teaching “R” and “C”, we had gone in ready to teach the gospel of jesus christ and go over their reading.  They had read, but we knew that they had greater questions.  We found out that they were not married and that conversation branched to marriage to eternal marriage to temples to temple work and ended on the spirit world.  They loved it!  “R” told us as we were walking in that she was praying for us that the Lord would work through us and tell us what we need to tell her.  and we did.  It was great.
We had another opportunity where we were teaching an investigator for the first time.  We were going to leave with her 3rd nephi 11 and something came over me and I felt impressed before I assigned it to ask her if there has been anything on her mind that has been troubling her or if she has been needing an answer.  She began to tell us that she has been wanting to know if she needed to marry the guy she has been living with for 5 years.  She has been looking for the answer to know if he is truly the one.  I then felt prompted to change the chapter and we left with her something that would help her answer her questions.  The spirit in our teaching is essential!


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