He truly does bring life back into this lone and dreary world

I have been really busy, but it has been great!  I can’t believe that transfers are already here as well.  We had interviews with our President this week and he told me that the brethren like the missionaries to stay in areas anywhere from 4 to 6 transfers (i’ve been here 4) but that he hasn’t been able to do that as much because of the influx of people leaving and coming.  He told me that he didn’t know what he was going to do with me yet that he was going to decide this week…. I think either Elder Wilson or I will go.  I don’t think we will be together for another.    I’ll be able to tell you on monday what is happening.  The Easter Box was great!  I got it while we were waiting for interviews, so I shared with my whole district.  They love you too!  haha

I am so glad you loved the picture of Christ I sent.  It’s a little different, but I loved it.  I love how everything is gray or black except for the facial and body features of christ.  He truly does bring life back into this lone and dreary world.
I’m glad to hear that everyone is still doing great.  I miss the girls!  It’s going to be crazy that I will be able to talk to Madi and Abi on Mother’s day.  I can’t handle it.  haha.
Our investigators are amazing!  We are going to have a baptism for a guy named L within the next week or so.  He is great.  The only hold up is that he is trying to quit smoking and keeps relapsing.  Pray that he will be able to quit entirely.  He wants to so bad and he has made great progress.  He’ll do it soon.
I hit 10 months this week… crazy.  Only a little over a year left.
Well things are going great and I can’t wait to tell you more!  Have a great week and tell everyone that I love them!

Love Blake


One Response to “He truly does bring life back into this lone and dreary world”

  1. Pauline Mendenhall Says:

    I hope all is well with you. The weather here is pretty nice today. I have never seen rain like Houston has. One afternoon I didn’t think it would ever quit. I am volunteering on Tuesday afternoon at the Ogden employment center and Wednesday afternoon in Layton.

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