Transfers (letters from 03/08/10 & 03/15/10)

These should have been posted before his last letter! Sorry!:

03/08/2010 letter

Things in Houston are great!  The weather is poopy right now because it is raining.  Rain and dirt make mud…..and I HATE mud.  Haha I haven’t changed much have I?  The rest of this week has been really nice though, it has been in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. 

Transfers.  I am………………… staying in Memorial!  I am so excited that I can’t even stand it, but along with that comes a little bit of bitter.  I am losing Elder Peterson.  I love him so much!  I don’t even know who to explain what I am feeling right now, but I know that my new companion will be who I need to be with.  I learned alot about myself while I was with him, and I respect him soooo much.  He is the prime example of what a missionary should be. With us together, the Lord made miracles happen.
D’s story:
We had a baptism on Saturday for D.  She is incredible!  She is engaged to a returned missionary who had been inactive for the past 11 years or so.  One day, about 4 months ago, they just showed up to church and he said that he was ready to come back to the church.  D grew up Catholic and her family is still very Catholic, but she was interested in what K belonged to.  We asked if we could come by and teach her, but she is Sociophobic, so she didn’t feel comfortable with that.  She wanted to learn so she just asked K to teach her because he used to be a missionary.  They came to church off and on for about 3 months and then finally 6 weeks ago I was talking to them and she accepted to hear the lessons.  She progressed so well once she gained that courage to meet with new people.  She was so nervous about the baptism and especially the confirmation, since everyone was going to be there, but she knew that is what she needed to do and that the Lord would give her strength.  She would never stay for relief society because she didn’t want to be seperated from K, but yesterday after she was confirmed a member and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, she felt comfortable and she went to relief society with some of the sisters in the ward.  She has such a strong testimony and is going to be a huge asset to the building up of the Kingdom of God!  It was great! 
Tell dad thank you so much for the Salsa, I am sharing it with everyone!  He’s got Texans hooked on it too!  haha.  Well that’s basically it for this week.  I will let you know how everything turns out with transfers next week.  Love you all so much!   
Love Blake

03/15/2010 letter

I have had a bit of a roller-coaster week.  I was REALLY sad to lose Elder Peterson, and so I was making myself a nervous wreck.  But transfers happened and Elder Peterson went Zone leader.  I received a new companion, Elder Wilson  He is from Meridian, Idaho which is by Boise.  He is so sincere and really nice, and I know we will have a great companionship.  We have been working really hard and I am trying to get him used to the area and keep things up and running.  We are having alot of success and this week we had 8 new investigators!  It’s great! 

I’m sure that everything with your family history class will be fine once you and dad get used to it.  It is a great opportunity for both of you and I can’t wait to see how much you learn and what you have already learned.  I have big goals when I get home, such as working in the temple, being and EFY counselor and getting a calling in the ward.  haha I love the church and can’t get enough of it.  I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well, tell them I love them all and I will talk to y’all soon!

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