I love the work!

I had a great Birthday!  Thank you for the packages, I really liked them alot!  I love the jacket, i wear it at night before I go to bed!  Thank you!  The tie is great also!  I am up to over 60 ties…. haha.  I love ties.  THE PICTURES…. I don’t even know where to start with the pictures.  I love those so much!  We actually had two other elders stay with us for the weekend because of Mardi Gras in Galveston, so they got to have lots of Valentines treats and Birthday cakes as well.  I received 3 other cakes from members and missionaries haha.  We were super packed with appointments on Saturday but we are going to go out to dinner for sure.  

Elder Peterson and I are getting along great and are making things happen here in Memorial!  Just this past week we got 3 more baptismal dates which brings us to a total of 6 in the past two weeks!  We also have three more that are getting ready to be dated soon!  I love the work!  

Elder Peterson and I have really focused on the standard of excellence of EXACT obedience and what that really means. We knew that if we didn’t allow any wiggle room, we would be blessed by getting people to teach. One night this week, we received a call from our Bishop’s wife telling us about one of her friends. The friend had noticed how happy our Bishop’s family is and wanted that for herself. She asked if she could join the church and the bishop’s wife told her yes, but that would intel meeting with missionaries and being baptized. She accepted! We met with her on Saturday and had a great lesson! We could feel the love Heavenly father has for her! Her and her boyfriend came to church the next day and loved it as well! The bishop and his wife told us that they felt they could trust us with their friend because they have seen our love for the work and being exactly obedient. I know that it was a blessing from Heavenly Father from us striving to keep all of the mission rules! 

 Things are going great here and I can’t believe that I only have one more birthday on my mission!  Wednesday will be my 8 month mark! Crazy!  I got the newsletters and I loved them.  Try to send them to me as much as you can, I love seeing the other missionaries successes.  

Well tell everyone I love them and I will get those pictures off to you asap!  Thank you so much!  

Love you



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