First Bike Accident

I have had a lot of changes this week, but i’ve been doing really well. I’m getting use to the new rules and everything and so it’s going well. Elder Penrod is great. My Zone Leaders are Elder Sorensen (from Virginia) and Elder Manning (Kaysville). I got to go on exchanges with Elder Sorensen this week and it was alot of fun… Elder Penrod, The ZL’s and the assistants as well as President have been conversing about me in good ways though, so I may be given some responsibility soon… we’ll see. We have some baptismal dates set up for the next few weeks so i will let you know how that goes!

So you want stories do ya… well here is a story. I guess Uncle Steve is not as crazy as I thought. On Wednesday night, I was riding behind elder penrod down the road and there is a bicycle lane on the side that we were in. Penrod got pulled up onto the sidewalk so we could turn. I went to follow, but there was a car right next to me so I couldn’t turn too sharp so instead i just kinda leaned to the right. My front tire skidded along with the curb and my bike flipped. I went rolling but I immediately got up. I got going and thought I was fine, but I realized that I couldn’t move my left wrist and it started to hurt. I also realized that my watch was gone. We went back to the spot where I flipped and found the watch that you got me for my birthday on the ground. The face is pretty scratched up and my wrist broke through one of the steel links. I almost cried because I was upset about my watch… oh well it’s a good thing to keep to show off I guess. Anywho, we rode back to the apt., and it started to swell. I iced it and kinda babied it that night. We went to the doctor the next morning and they x-rayed it. There was so much inflamation that they couldn’t tell if it was broken or not, but they gave me a brace and medicine to help and told me know bike riding until I was re-examined today. So President Saylin got us a car and we’ve had that since. We went back to the doctor today and they got the results back from the radiologist and luckily it’s not broken but badly sprained. I can’t twist it much at all, but it is slowly improving. He said that i’m to be off the bike for another week or so but then I should be fine. So other than that and just being a little sore, i’m fine so don’t worry about me. Tell Uncle Steve I said thanks though :). 

 Elder Bollwinkel wrote me today and so it’s cool that we still keep in touch. I’m glad that everyone is doing well for the most part! Baby Harrison is a cutie! How’s coley’s spirits doing? Tell her she’s in my prayers and that everything will work out, I promise. How’s Ash’s pregnancy going? 

 For thanksgiving we are going to the bishop’s house and I hear that he makes the best turkey around… so i’ll have to see.

Tomorrow is my 5 month mark! I’m almost a quarter done with my mission! Can you believe it? The Spanish is coming very slowly. I know just enough to keep a small gospel conversation going, but that’s about it.

I’ll be sure to give you some more stories next week. Teel everyone I love them so much and I miss them!


2 Responses to “First Bike Accident”

  1. Julie Lundell Says:

    I guess you left the Houston East mission just in time to make room for another West Point elder. Brad just got his call and is going to he Houston East mission leaving for the MTC on February 24. I am glad to hear how much you loved that area before you switched. Best wishes to you in your work in the South mission.
    Sister Julie Lundell
    West Point 10th ward

  2. Well Blake that’quite a little story though however have fun on your mission talk to you when you get back

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