Testimony (10/21/09 Letter)

Things are great here in texas!  Elder Beck  and I are doing really well together!  Things have slowed down a little bit with investigators but we still have some progressing ones.  We met this guy on Saturday who was a referral from the Spanish elders.  His name is R… and he is 28 years old and has a 1 year old daughter.  His daughter is with his ex-wife so he only gets to see her on the weekends.  We were over at his house on Saturday when his baby girl “D…” was dropped off.  She reminds me sooo much of Abi.  She’s mexican so she’s got dark brown hair and it was pulled up on top, and she was just a little thing but would wave to me just like Abi would.  I’m not gonna lie, it made me a little bit trunky playing with her, but all is well.   The coolest thing about it though was how much D…. meant to R… and how she is his life.  I could tell that it was really hard for him to be away from her that much and he insisted that he had her for the weekend because the mom was going to a party with alcohol and he didn’t want his baby girl around that.  It was amazing.  Anywho, R… met the spanish elders and they taught him a lesson and then referred him to us that afternoon.  We went over there saturday night and taught him another lesson and he has accepted the invitation to be baptized.  He was so insistant on coming to church that it kinda shocked us because that’s where we usually lose investigators, but he knows it is true and can’t wait to start his life over!  He’s a great guy!  Other than that we have been working lots with less-active members trying to reactivate them and helping actives do there member missionary work.  It’s been busy!

What did the letter say about Christmas packages from president?  Was it telling you not to send too much stuff that we don’t need because we don’t have room?

I got your package yesterday and the coat is great!  I hope it didn’t cost y’all too much money, because that will make me feel bad, but it is really nice and it will be great down here! Tell dad thank you for the jerky as well, that is Elder Beck’s and my favorite!  I really do appreciate you sending it you me?  I am excited to get your halloween box!  It makes holidays on your mission that much more exiciting!  Can you believe Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up?!  Another crazy fact, we are in the middle of the fourth week out of this 6 week transfer… I could be leaving Pasadena in a couple weeks, i’m hoping i’ll stay here for thanksgiving, but i’ll go where i’m needed ;).  Transfers are the second week in November.

As soon as the H1N1 shot is available they want us to get it.  There have already been some sick missionaries so they are taking every precaution available.  They did announce though that they realized how hard it is for missionaries out in the field to not have contact with members or people we are teaching, so they lifted the no contact rule but told us we need to be washing our hands constantly.

I am looking forward to hearing from Ashley, and i’ll be sure to let her know how thankful I am for her writing me.  

Coley told me about what was going on at work and I’m so excited to hear that she wants to go back to school!  I have some exciting news for her on my career occupation choice as well!  I’m sure she’ll do great as long as she sticks to it and turns to Heavenly Father first when she is struggling.

((From Nichole’s Email)”I’m sorry to hear about that job, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I love the idea of you going back to get your Early Education Teaching degree!  Since i’ve been on my mission my eyes have really been opened and I don’t know if I want to go to Law school right away anymore.  What really does interest me is teaching.  I always said that I would never be a teacher, but I love doing it so much!  I am thinking about going and teaching high school though, and then I can coach debate and teach either governemnt and politics or some sort of history or something like that… maybe even english.  I don’t want to do that forever though, I would like to go on to be an administrator because that really interests me as well.  We could be teachers together!  We’ll see what happens.  Whatever you do , you have my love and support and more importantly the Lord’s!“)

Thank you so much for bearing your testimony to me… it’s what keeps me going.  Elder Ballard in the priesthood session of conference told us that we as missionaries need to bear our testimony often to our families to help and assist them, so I know there was a reason that you felt to bear yours, and that is to help and assist me.  I too have a testimony that this is the only true church.  There would be no way that I could go from the point where I am now and the knowledge that I have, and still be able to succeed in life if I forgot all of that info.  The Book of Mormon is so evident of that and it goes over time and time again that when we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and commandments of god, and the do the small and simple things in life such as go to church every week, pray often and read our scriptures daily, we are that much stronger to avoid the temptations of Satan.  I could never survive in life without a belief in God and without the testimony I have of this church and all of the wonderful blessings I’ve received from it.  This i KNOW to be true.

Well that is just about it for now, things are going really well and I can’t wait to hear from you again soon!


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