Golden Investigator!!! (10/07/09 Letter)

I’m doing great!  I absolutely LOVE Elder Beck.  Him and I get along great.  He is such a great guy and because we get along so well, the work is going great.  We have another baptism scheduled for Halloween, for J….  He is 26 and wanted to start a new life.  He is married of 2 years and wants to better his relationship with his wife.  He is such a great guy.  We taught him the first lesson and he absolutely loved it!  We set that date with him on the first night that we met him!  He is one of those golden investigators!  We left him with a book of mormon and some of the Church DVD’s.  His wife wasn’t there but he said that they were going to watch them together.  We talked to him yesterday and his wife had watched the DVD’s and absolutely loved them!  We set up a time to meet with them both on Saturday so we are going to extend a baptismal invitation to his wife as well for the same date!  It’s so exciting!  We also have some others that are getting really close as well.  The work is going great!

Thanks for mailing off that package… i’m excited to get my blankey!!!  Thanks for keeping an eye on my account as well, i’ll try and not to get too spend happy ;).  

It had been cooling down a little bit but got really hot yesterday.  The weather is super tempermental here.

General conference was fantastic!!!  It made it for a long weekend at the church, but it was so worth it.  I got a lot more out of it this time than I have in the past, probably bacause I didn’t have the distractions of work and friends and also the temptation of sleeping. haha.  I did miss omelets, but oh well I guess everyone else did as well.  I don’t know if you got to hear it or not on the Sunday Afternoon session, but Elder Holland’s talk was absolutely incredible!  It was a super intense testimony of the Book of Mormon!  Oh man was it good.  I also really really enjoyed the Priesthood session.   There was a talk by Elder Ballard talking about Father and Son Relationships that was really good as well as a talk by President Eyring saying that we need to be both physically and spiritually prepared to exercise our priesthood authority.  It was great.

Random cool spiritual experience for the week.  We have this Sister in the Ward named Sister G.  She’s a super nice lady and will do anything for anyone.  For some reason, she had really been on my mind the past couple of days.  We were out on splits last night with another ward member, and we were trying to find someone to go to because the people that we were trying to see were not home.  Sister G…’s name came to my mind and so I tried to find her address but we didn’t have it.  I had her phone number but when we tried to call, she didn’t answer.  So we went and saw other people instead.  This morning, I got a phone call from her saying that she saw we called her last night.  She said that she appreciated us calling because she has been going through a really hard time.  Her 8 year old boy CJ had a ceizure on Sunday and also has double pnuemonia in his lungs.  He also has a high fever and isn’t doing well at all.  He is super sick.  When she called me she was at the Doctor’s office they were just getting things set to transport him to the hospital where he is going to be admitted tonight.  She is a single mom and has no priesthood in her home.  She asked us if later tonight we could come up and give CJ a blessing after he gets settled at the hospital.  So we are going to go and give him a blessing along with the Ward Mission Leader.  I know that it wasn’t coincidence that I was thinking about her and was prompted to call her.  

 Do you realize that by the time I email you next I will be at my 4 month mark and will only have 20 left?!  CRAZY!  I’m still hearing from quite a few people which is good.  I’m still talking with Nate which is good.  It seems like things are going well with him, so i’m glad.  I talk to Kyle about every couple of weeks or so, so that’s really cool to hear his cool mission experiences!  I’m still hearing from Jessica (the michigan girl) and everything is good with her.

I’m happy to hear that Breann’s doing ok, keep me updated on the baby status.  Oh I miss that little Abitude!  She is her mother’s daughter!  And I miss her mother alot too!  I’m glad to hear that Madi is doing well I miss hearing from Ashley and Mike too.

Well it was great to hear how everyone is doing!  Tell everyone I love them and I’ll talk to them soon!  Keep the letters and packages coming!


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