My New Companion

I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well!  Transfers went well.  I did not get transferred, so i’m still with the Dimmicks in Pasadena!  Yay!  Elder Bollwinkel did get transferred and is in Beaumont, Texas.  He basically switched spots with my new companion, Elder Beck, who just left Beaumont.  Elder Beck is really cool.  He is from Blackfoot, Idaho and has been out for 18 months and goes home in march.  He is 5′ 4″ and weighs 130 lbs, So we definitely don’t have the scare tactic available for our use if we need it… haha.  P-days don’t change in our mission.  

I tell you, this General Conference is not going to be the same without omelets.  I’ve been trying to scheme of ways to have dad mail me one… but I’ve yet to come up with a solution, haha.  

 One of the coolest things that we teach about the kingdoms of glory is that they are all better than here (even the telestial kingdom) so all of us will be able to partake of His glory in someway.  We just want to be like him so our goal is the Celestial Kingdom.

We’re finally getting stuff rolling with the W…’s getting a divorce so in a little while they should be able to be baptized!  It’s exciting!  I can’t wait for you to meet them someday!  It’s incredible to see how much they have changed!

I’m getting my haircut today from sister Blevins, so that’s exciting.  We are excited to watch General Conference this weekend, and we get to go to the temple in November!  Things are going really well!  Only 20 1/2 months and I’ll be home!

Well I better jet.  I love you lots and tell dad thanks for all of the packages that he sends and that I really appreciate them!

Love Blake


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