Dr. Appointment and Transfers (9/23/09 letter)

I can’t believe i’m already in my 4th month !!! It is going by so fast!  I am truly loving it though!   Transfers are Monday morning.  I am betting that I will stay in Pasadena and receive a new companion, but you never know, he could stay and I leave or the area could be flushed and both of us leave and they put two brand new elders in it (pray for that one not to happen).  But i’m betting i’ll stay.  We will find out Saturday night around 10 if we are being transferred and then we will find out Sunday night what time we have to meet at the church to be picked up by the transfer van.  We may also get a call on sunday night if President is calling us to a leadership position such as trainer or District Leader or something like that.  We will not find out where we are being transferred to until we actually get dropped off there and meet our new companion.  It’s kinda exciting but still nerve-racking at the same time.  I am betting that I won’t be senior companion yet (at least for a transfer or two more) unless they put me with a troubled companion… which is a possibility.  But It is possible that I could be called to train now, but i’m betting it won’t happen until another transfer or two.  I’ve still got stuff to learn but overall things are going really well.

  I did go to the Dr. last thursday, and we’re getting some answers at least.  He thinks it is one of three things, the highest priority being gall bladder disease.  He wants to rule that one out before he moves on to another.  He is setting up another ultrasound and I had some bloodwork done so we’ll see how that comes out.  P.S. the lady who was drawing blood was not as nice as you… at all.  I missed my mommy drawing my blood and giving me a sucker after… I didn’t even get offered a sucker!  haha I was also put on ProTonix 40mg instead of the omeprazole.  He said it’s a little bit stronger and it actually seems to be helping, so that’s good.  The second thing he thinks is IBS and the third is Gastritis.  All are treatable, so that’s good!  But i’ll be keeping you informed on the latest.  Sister Moldenhauer has been a huge help as well so that’s good too.

It’s cooling off here !  It’s been really nice this week being in about the 70’s and raining a little bit every day.  But in Texas when it rains it pours… literally.  It usually doesn’t last too long but after that it gets humid.  But oh well.  No Hurricanes yet!  

I do need something… in your next package will you send one of those tiny fleece blankets that I had all of the time?  All I have is my big blanket and it sometimes gets cold in the family room so me being like you,  i would like to have a blankie.  haha.  
Things are going really well here!  I’ve had three baptisms and some investigators that are close to setting a baptismal date!  I’m going out to dinner with the Pofelski’s tonight and they are taking us to Coldstone Creamery to get ice cream too!  They are super cool!  Conference is coming up so that’s exciting, and in november I get to go to the Houston Temple!!! Exciting!  Well that’s all I got for this week!  Tell everyone I love them and tell dad thank you for all the packages he sends me!  I really appreciate them!  Love you Lots



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