Funny Missionary Story

Things are going really well here in Texas!  We had another baptism on Saturday for Marcus Means.  It was awesome to see him finally get what he wanted in life from his mom… and from what I hear she’s slowly becoming a little more interested in what he’s doing, so i’m betting sometime before she dies she’ll join the church.

I am going to the Dr. tomorrow so I will let you know what he says.  The diet seems to be helping a little bit but isn’t a solution, but it may just be something that will happen while i’m on my mission due to anxiety even though I don’t feel that way at all.  It’s possible, but oh well.

Tell dad thanks for sending the package, we look forward to whenever mail comes.  We think that the mail people get a kick out of seeing how anxious missionaries get while checking the mail box.

NASA was alot of fun and I took lots of pictures that I will be sending to you.  It was really cool to see all of the different things that NASA has.

So funny missionary story to tell.  And you will have to look up on the internet to see if you can find the picture I am going to tell you about.  It is really cool and I like it alot.  So it was Sunday morning and Elder Bollwinkel was giving a baptismal interview to an investigator.  Me, the two zone leaders (Elder Jarman and Elder Clove), and the two sister missionaries in out district (Sister R and Sister M) were sitting in the Foyer just waiting for the interview to get over and for church to start.  First I need to give background info: Elder Jarman is super funny and was sitting next to me on the couch.  Elder Clove is also really funny but is quiet at the same time, he was sitting opposite of us. Sister R can get very stressed out and was that morning so she wasn’t in the best mood.  Sister M was rummaging through the Zone Leaders stuff and they asked her what she was doing, and she said just looking at the pictures.  She came to the picture that I was talking about.  It has two missionaries in their apartment getting ready for the day.  One is putting his shoes on and the other is looking in the mirror putting his tie on.  In the reflection of the one who was putting his tie on, it shows him dressed in the armor of god with Jesus Christ standing next to him.  Super cool picture.  anywho, Sister M looked at the picture and asked Sister R if she had ever seen it before.  Sister R, in a grumpy voice, said yes they have one for Sister Missionaries as well.  At that very moment, Elder Clove, who was quietly studying, looked up and said with a curious look on his face, asked: “What were they doing, putting their panty-hose on?!”  Elder Jarman, clove and I all burst out laughing and Sister R got mad and said “no they were studying!”  I felt bad afterward but it was still really funny.  It will make more sense if you see the picture.  well that’s all I have time is running out.  Love you lots and can’t wait to hear from you soon!


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