Things are going well here.  There is ups and downs to every mission, and I’ve been fortunate enough to not really experience too much of a down yet.

The ward is really great… it takes up the entire city of Pasadena, so it’s not like Utah wards haha.  There are over 500 members in the ward but only about 100-125 are active.  We’re working hard to try and get people reactivated.  Less active people are more of a pain sometimes even more than investigators! haha.  I am excited for transfers to come up.  It will be sad to see Elder Bollwinkel go, but i’m ready to see what the Lord has in store for me!  Plus I won’t be a greenie anymore!  It has been a little bit challenging for me to be on the being taught side at first instead of the Teacher side which is what I usually am on.  But even I needed to be humbled and be taught new things!  It’s going well.  

Guess what!!! I’m going to NASA today!  I’m super excited!  Brother Dimmick is going to take us down there and we’re going to take the tour!  I can’t wait!  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures so that I can get them to coley so she won’t kill me!
Well, tell everyone that I love them and that I miss them lots! If it gets close to transfers like a week or under, tell people to send letters to the mission home just in case i get transferred (even though I think I’m safe this time).  I will talk to you soon and I love you so much!!!  Can’t wait to get to talk to you in about 3 months!!!

All my love,



One Response to “NASA”

  1. Nichole (Blake's sister) Says:

    I have threatened him that I better get pictures so that I can post them to share with everyone! Maybe he is finally taking me serious.

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