Dry Spell (09/02/2009 letter)

The south is great, i think i am finally getting adjusted to it.  I love the ward that I am serving in (Pasadena 1st) mainly because of the members that are in it like the Dimmicks and their daughter Ginger Blevins.  There is also this really cool couple in the ward named Mike and Clarissa Pofelski and they are actually from Utah, so it’s really cool talking to them because it reminds me of home!  We had dinner over at their house on sunday and again tonight.  Mike just finished Nursing school and was just hired on at a local hospital to be a nurse in the ER, so he’s loving the medical field.  The weather has been super nice here the past week, it’s still hot so don’t get me wrong, but there has been cloud cover and hasn’t been quite as humid as before… but it’s still hot!  I have about 3 1/2 weeks left of this transfer and with Elder Bollwinkel most likely.  Usually they split up the trainer and trainee after 2 transfers so that’s going to be a sad day, but i’m excited to see who my new companion will be.  I can’t believe that everything is already going by so fast! i’ve been out 2 1/2 months already! The weeks fly by super fast so that helps too.

Elder Bollwinkel and I went through a little bit of a dry spell for a week or so, but things have really picked up again which is a relief.  We have 3 more baptisms planned out.  We have one this saturday which is for Hanna Winston (daughter of Ira and Samantha).  They said that since she is ready and they have to wait to get a divorce, to go ahead and let her get baptized and then they will when they can. So That is super exciting!  We have one also on the 12th of September with probably the smartest 11 year old boy i’ve ever met.  His name is Marcus Means and he comes from a Mom that is super super super against Mormons but she knows how much this means to him so she is letting him do it.  He found the church by becoming friends with missionaries that live in his complex, and ever since he knows that it is the only true church and has a super strong testimony.  His mom said she won’t be at the baptism but she has already given in by letting him be baptized after a long wait so we’re hoping that she will be more open to it as well.  The last baptism we have set is for the 26th of September with a 20 yr. old girl we just met named Emily.  We taught her the first lesson and the spirit was so strong that afterwards we extended the baptismal invitation and she said yes and that she has never been baptized before… so it’s good that she is going to start out with one that counts!  haha.  She’s super nice though and is really sincere.  We have some other people who are really close as well so i’ll keep you posted.

Well I love you so much and this week has been tons better, and I know this because of the love and support yall have for me and your faithfulness to the gospel and living the commandments.  Keep it up, please!
Tell everyone I love them lots and lots!


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