Hurricane Watch

I don’t have much time today, but I thought I would hurry and pop in for my usual I love you!

If I have learned anything this week with investigators, it’s that people’s past definitely come back and bite them in the butt!  and sometimes twice as hard.  That’s why we have to be dilligent now and not get into that situation.

We’ve had to put Tameka on the back burner right now because we can’t get a hold of her but we at least planted the seed so that’s what matters.  She’ll show up someday!  haha, we have a guy in our ward that just got finished nursing school and got a job at a local hospital, so we asked him to check the morgue for her.    haha.

My stomach’s been acting up again so i’ve been taking my medicine but if it doesn’t get better i might just go and see a doctor to see what he says.  Thank you mother and father for giving me the stomach i have… haha.

Elder BollwinkEL is excited for the hotter salsa as am I.  You may need to help dad pack it though, because after all women are the better packers… that’s how all of my stuff survived the trip!

We’re still on hurricane watch, there were a couple that they thought might come our way from what I heard but they went different directions, but it is still early in the season.  Not to worry you, but i’m sure we’ll see one this season, the water is the hottest it’s been in years so once a bad storm hits it’ll pick up.  Oh well, we’ll be protected, plus opportunities for service!

Well I gotta get going, I love you so much and tell everyone I love them!
Love Elder Blake


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