My First Baptism Saturday 8/15/2009

1st BaptismI had my first baptism on saturday 8/15!  His name was ahmad akmal and we met him, taught him, and baptized him in 2 weeks.  It was super crazy, but an awesome experience.  I actually baptized him.  It was a cool experience.  I’ll send some pictures pronto! Not too many people can say that they baptized someone in their first transfer, but I did (one day short). Transfers went well, except I lost my Zone Leader Elder McCreary (the one who looks like Obama). He is a zone leader for a different zone now. He was super cool and we got to be really close friends. Oh well, we’ll see eachother again. This will most likely be the last transfer that Elder Bollwinkel and I will be together because after two transfers of training they usually move the trainer, but i’ll probably stay in Pasadena until like January (just based on what usually happens, but no promises).

So as far as Tameka goes, we haven’t seen her in a couple weeks.  She had surgery and haven’t been able to get back in with her since but we’re still trying and she still loves the gospel.  She told 4 co-workers about it and they want to be baptized too so as soon as we can get in with her, the better.

Jessica, the friend of mine from michigan got baptized so that was super cool!  She said it was all because of me, so that made me feel good that I did a little missionary work almost 2 years ago!

Tell everyone that I love them!


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