My 1st Baptism, and more to come

I’m glad to hear that things are the usual there… because if I have learned anything thus far from being on a mission is that the Lord tries the faithful super hard just to help them increase that faith! Keep it up! 

 I got the package Dad sent with the bread in it. Everything turned out great and the bread was delicious! (Keyword on was… there is no more) haha.

Transfers are this monday so I should find out on saturday night if my companion or myself are getting transferred. I don’t think I will just because I’m still training but you never know! I’ve already been in texas for 6 weeks!!! can you believe it?! It’s crazy! Things are going great though.

Things have been going really well this week… and I get to baptize my first person this saturday!!! His name is Ahmad. He is 51 and his family his muslim. However, at an early age, him, his brother and his uncle new that the muslim religion wasn’t correct when they don’t believe that christ is of divine nature. So he’s been christian ever since. I was on exchanges with one of the zone leaders a week ago last saturday and we were contacting at a park and he came out of the bathroom and we were right there so I began to talk to him. He said that he just moved from LA and that he has been looking for a church and that he would probably come to church on sunday (most people say this so we weren’t too thrilled). Low and behold, he actually came to church!!! he’s been to church twice now and on the very second time of us meeting him we committed him to baptism and that’s all she wrote! I’m so excited to baptize him! After that for the next 3 saturdays we have a baptism… lets hope everything goes well!

One of the Elders in our zone was sick last saturday and we think that he gave it to elder bollwinkel and myself. We haven’t been feeling the best the past couple of days but we are finally starting to get back to normal after just taking it easy. Being sick is not fun when you are a missionary… haha. Oh well, the work still continues. 

 The ward member who was assigned to get us missionary meals wasn’t doing her job so sister dimmick took it over and she went in and took it out on the poor sisters in Relief Society… well we have a meal for every night this week… haha i guess it worked. 

Tell everyone I love them and I can’t wait to hear from them! Love you lots, Elder Blake


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