No Time for Tracting!

This past week has been awesome!  We are up to 8 baptismal dates for the month of august!  

And for the cool story of the week:  

We have been meeting with Tameka and she still really wants to get baptized.  Everyone around her has been telling her that the Mormon’s are like the Amish so don’t get into it, but she’s been shutting everyone down when they say it because she knows it’s not true.  She has been telling her co-workers about it and how happy she has been, and tonight we have an appointment with her and 4 of her co-workers are coming by and want to be taught so they can be baptized too!  I could have 12 baptismal dates by the end ofthe night!!!  Haha it’s crazy busy.  Instead of having problems deciding of who we can go see, it’s who we shouldn’t see for the day.  We don’t have much time to go tracting, which is a relief in it’s own way, because we are so busy teaching progressing investigators!  I can’t wait until I finally get able to dunk someone!

I got your package that you sent on Tuesday, early thursday morning so that way is much faster if you are sending perishable items!  Thanks for the treats!  Bollwinkel and I are getting fat… haha not really, i’m actually losing weight, but oh well!   Tell everyone I love them and I hope everyone the best!  Love you lots!


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