Training in Kingwood

Weather is going great here hurricane wise at least… we got absolutely dumped on last week and the streets were flooded and we couldn’t see out of our windshield.  We walked not even 5 feet and were completely drenched, but it was a cool experience.  We also saw a telephone pole get struck by lightning! It was so cool!  But it was over in 30 minutes so that’s the weather in Houston for you!

Pasadena is just east of houston.  It is about 45-60 minutes south of Kingwood which is where the mission home and office is.  It is a refinery city so there are some unusual smells but the people here are really humbled, super nice and ready to hear the gospel.  This past weekend Elder Bollwinkel and I went to Kingwood for training with the Training Assistants.  We spent 48 hours there and split up and exchanged companions with the assistants.  We had some workshops but mainly went out proselyting in Kingwood.  Kingwood is interesting… I liked it alot, it was so beautiful but the people are not as receptive to hearing the gospel as some of the people are down here if you get my drift.  Kingwood is a wealthy area and people think things are pretty set.  But it was alot of fun and I liked it alot.

Samantha and Ira and their daughter Hannah are so ready to be baptized!  It is awesome!  We showed them the baptismal font last night and they got so excited!  However, satan caused us to run into a little bump… we found out that he has been with Samantha for 8 years and loves her but he is not married to her… he never got divorced from his previous wife.  So we have to get him divorced and then those two married before they can be baptized.  But we set a date of September 5th to try and have everthing ready to go by then.  
Tameka and another girl Nicole also have baptismal dates of August 29th and August 15th.  Things are going great!  Well I gotta go… tell everyone i’m sorry I didn’t get to their emails this week but I was short on time!


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