Pasadena, TX 07/22/2009

I absolutely love it here in Pasadena.  The people are definitely more humble then in other areas of the mission because alot of them don’t have very much besides their faith in the Lord.  

The Lord has truly been watching over Elder Bollwinkel and I and has been blessing us immensely.  We have been witnessing those “little miracles” happen of people that the lord has prepared for us to meet.  You will hear about one of them in a moment.  I love Elder Bollwinkel. Him and I are getting along really well and love being with each other.  He is teaching me alot and really helping me get used to everything.  I have my first zone conference tomorrow with the Mission President there.  President Moldenhauer is an incredible man and so loving.  

Now it’s time for inspirational story of the week: So we were doing daily planning one evening when we got a call from some Hermana’s (spanish speaking sisters) in our area.  They gave us a referral of someone that they met when an appointment fell through.  Their names are Samantha and Ira.  Their lives have been pretty rough and Ira used to be involved with gangs and a bad crowd but after going through corrections, decided about 8 years ago that he wanted to live a better life.  He has been struggling financially since, and when they found the Hermana’s they were on the verge of being evicted out of their apartment.  Both are unemployed, Samantha because she broke her foot and couldn’t work so she was fired, and Ira has medical issues that makes him not able to work but he has been fighting with disability for the past 8 years and is not getting funding or insurance from them.  We went and met with them and they have no lights or furniture like beds in their apartment.  They have no phones and no car.  Samantha has been biking all over town with a severely broken foot to try and find employment to support their family but has had no luck.  Ira is willing to do anything but people won’t hire him because of his epilepsy and other medical issues.  We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and also the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They said that we were an answer to their prayers and for the first time they felt like people actually cared for them.  We have been working with the ward to try and help them find employment and get them taken care of food-wise.  They are very humble and have witnessed the truths of the gospel and have excepted the invitation of baptism for August 8th.  They want a church to belong to, but also a church that cares about them… ALWAYS! They are planning on coming to our book of mormon study as well as church and are so excited to be a part of it.  I can’t wait to see what else happens with them!  It has truly been a miracle for them as well as me!

Time is already flying by, i’m almost done with my first transfer!


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