First Week In The MTC 6/22/2009

“First off, I am doing great.  I am really liking it here.  The very first night was a little rough after dinner and I didn’t sleep the entire night, but when I got to studying the next day and got busy, the bad feelings went away.  I still miss you guys alot!  I have had an incredible experience!  My companion’s name is Elder Jake Packer (his grandpa’s cousin is President Packer, but he’s never met him haha).  He is super cool and we get along really well.  We have 10 elders in our district: Elder’s Chew, Taylor, Harless, Thaden, Flint, Stephenson, Clayson, Hunt, Packer and Me.  I have a great branch president and he is willing to help me with anything I need.  Elder Packer and I have been going to these things called the TEC where we can go meet with teachers and role play as if they were investigators.  We have been in three times and every single time they said that we were awesome! It is such a huge relief to get told that.  I even made a teacher cry! The spirit was so strong while I was teaching the first lesson that she told us she was going to fire back with questions so we could find answers but the spirit kept on telling her to listen. It was such an awesome experience!   One of the Zone Leader’s name was Elder Vea, he is samoan and huge, but the nicest guy you will ever meet.  He helped me feel really welcomed into the branch and did whatever he could for me.  If i become zone leader, i want to be just like him.”

“I love you all so much and I miss you.  However, I must crush you’re dreams by me saying that I am not coming home ;).  I love my mission so far and know this is where I am supposed to be.”  

“oh wait! one last story, we had an awesome devotional last night where one of our councilors from the district presidency and his wife spoke.  I felt like he was speaking directly to me when he was talking about missionary work.  He recited daniel 2 and absolutely loved it!  I joined the choir and no they didn’t kick me out.  It was a nice break from studying! I’ll send more stories next week and keep those letters and packages coming! it only takes a day to get here!!! I love you and miss you!”


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