Bidding our Farewell to the MTC 07/06/2009

This weekend was pretty good, they let us go out on saturday and watch the “stadium of fire” fireworks.  We had a really good view just from outside of my residence hall.  They had a devotional on reformers and how this country was founded, they did some really cheesy stuff and the media crew was brand new so they kept on pushing the wrong button so it made it a humorous evening!!!

I can’t wait to get out there and start teaching people.  There is something called the referral center where people call in and want dvd’s and free book of mormons and bibles and stuff and we send the missionaries.  It is like a call center.  I talked to a guy for 30 minutes who i think was drunk because he was laughing out of nowhere one moment and then crying the next.  I sent him the missionaries but he said that he has already met with the boy missionaries so he wanted me to send the sister missionaries… haha ya right.  I also had another guy calling for a free bible who was so sad about his life and his family problems.  I talked to him and bore my testimony about the gospel and how it blesses your own life plus your families and even shared scriptures and my testimony.  He ended up wanting the missionaries over because of me and I can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

Elder Packer and I handed off our Zone Leader responsibilities to two elders in  the district behind us, it was a sad day but exciting because that means we are leaving! We had our departure devotional last night and I met the two sisters that are going to be going to my mission too (they are spanish speaking though)!  The new district came in this weekend and they are super cool.  Usually in districts in the MTC there is 1-2 different missions that everyone is going to, but in my district there is 5 different missions for the 10 of us.  3 are going to cleveland ohio, 3 are going to oklahoma city, 2 to texas houston east, 1 to columbus ohio and 1 to the marshall islands.  It is really hard for us because we probably won’t see each other again like the other districts, so that’s sad.  6 out of the 10 of us are leaving tomorrow morning at like 5 so we’re saying our goodbyes tonight.  

I am really excited to go out into the field but i’m going to miss the elders in my district so much!!!  I have had amazing teachers the past three weeks, sister roberts is one of them and she is a walking bible basically.  We spent alot of our time asking any sort of biblical or gospel question and she was pretty good with answering them!  Brother tanner is really cool as well, he just returned from his mission to oklahoma tulsa 6 months ago, so he’s just a newbie.  We usually would only have 2 but brother tanner and sister roberts were both gone for some of the time so they got brother bastian to sub for us and he was absolutely amazing.  He really helped elder packer and I learn to teach the person not the lesson.  I will miss all three of them so much.  I have their addresses so I can write them.  I am very anxious to get out in the mission field.  

Do you remember me telling you about Elder Vea?  He was the zone leader when I first came in and was so incredible.  His sister is also here and is going to the ogden mission.  She said that she got a letter and in his first week in Cali, he taught16 different lessons! That’s incredible! I want to get out there and do it!  

Can you believe that it has already almost been a month???  only 23 more to go! It is going to fly by! Expect me to call around 730ish most likely.  I can’t wait to call and talk to you guys!


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