Answers to my Prayers! 07/15/2009

It was great being able to talk to you on Wednesday!  I miss everyone alot, but am loving it down here!  My Mission President is incredible and acts like a second father.  He is fantastic.  My companion is Elder Bollwinkel and we are serving in the Pasadena area.  This is good because I actually get the opportunity to start learning some spanish! Answers to my prayers already!

My direct address is 4319 arapajo, Pasadena TX 77504.  I live with members in their home.  Their name are the Dimmicks and they are an older couple with 6 pets.  It is kinda crazy being a missionary and having pets, but it’s fun… except they have a 80 lb. bassett hound that is the spawn of the devil.  

Things are going great and I can’t wait to tell you more!  We have about 6 baptismal dates set up right now so lets hope that they all follow through! We are teaching this black woman named Tamika right now who fits to the T of someone who I wanted to teach.  Her mom passed away two weeks ago and has been really really depressed.  We found her and taught her the plan of salvation and she said that she feels good when she is around us.  However, she was a little skeptical at first because she had heard that mormons were halfway between baptist and jehovah’s witnesses… I know I don’t get it either…  Haha she is loving the lessons though and each time i pray with her she keeps on talking during the prayers like saying “ummhumm” and “that’s right” it’s so funny! The lord prepared her for me!  

The ward mission leader for our ward is Brother Ruiz.  He is probably one of the nicest men I’ve ever met and will give anything and everything he has to help anyone in need.  He has helped us so much by coming and teaching with us and telling his conversion story (which is incredible by the way).  He lost his mom and was having a really hard time but the lord answers his prayers and led him to the missionaries and it’s all history from there.  Him and Tamika connected perfectly!

 The weather here… is very very hot and humid, but suprisingly I kinda like it.  LIke you said I am more of a hot weather person.  I can’t wait to see what winter’s like.  When I come back to Utah it will be like paradise… I won’t start sweating after only being outside for 10 seconds.  It’s great though.  

I have  a zone leader (Elder McCreary) that looks just like President Obama… no lie.  It’s kinda funny.  For service on thursday nights we go out and play wheelchair basketball with handicap people!  It is so much fun but i get my trash kicked everytime!  Oh my p-days are on wednesdays :).  I am doing pretty well right now, but my companion and I are not being very patient when it comes to the salsa and zuccini bread!  We want some badly! haha.  

Elder bollwinkel is from Mesa, Arizona.  Him and I have been connecting very well and he said that I am an amazing improvement over the last one he had… haha.  

OH one last cool story.  We had a dinner appointment fall through and we had a pizza hut gift card so we decided to get delivery.  I answered the door and the delivery lady gave me the pizza and while I was signing the receipt she saw my badge and said I like your church.  She began to tell me that she just lost her husband of 29 years and is having a really hard time and so is her sons that are like in their 30’s and 20’s and she wants to meet with us to help them feel better. She works two jobs just to get by.  So we have an appointment set up with her tomorrow! There was a reason that the dinner appt. fell through!


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